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The gap between series leader Aaron Borg and runner up Ryal Harris has closed down after race one of the week where Harris took victory.

Conditions around the circuit were a constant mystery as light rain began to fall on and off as the field rolled out on their formation lap. Harris beat out Borg and Crick to turn two and the field ran without incident until The Chase on lap 1, where Jaiden Maggs found the wall.

“I came in as normal, maybe tapped the brake a bit early and locked the rears and around she went,” said Maggs.

“It’s pretty bad, the damage, the front control arms are all bent and the rear’s got a fair bit of damage. It’s unfortunate, I’m a bit upset about it.”

The series leader attempted a move at turn two on the second lap but was forced to the outside by Harris’ EFS 4×4 BT-50 and had to tuck back in. The gap between the top three remained under a second for most of the race, however neither Borg nor Crick were able to close up enough for a proper attack. Due to a delay before the race start, the 6 lap affair was shortened to just 5 laps. In the end there was 1.5 seconds covering the top three at the line.

“We had a bit of a busted gasket, so we lost some horsepower, but we won so I’m happy,” said Harris.

“I’m still a bit disappointed that I’m not leading and I’m chasing, but it’s good fun chasing. It is what it is. We just have to make sure Borgy has a bad race. In tomorrow’s reverse grid race we’ll get the elbows out, we need to be in front of him.”

With a second place finish Borg is comfortable in his points lead, despite running behind Harris.

“We got decent pace, we came on pretty strong. Just have to do that all weekend, P2 in every race will secure it for us,” said Borg.

“It’s a reverse grid tomorrow so it’s not going to be as simple as that, but we’ll push on and of course we’re pushing for race wins as well.”

The final round of the Haltech V8 SuperUte Series continues tomorrow with race two, a reverse top six grid, and race three. Coverage will be live on Fox Sports.

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